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Marketing configuration consist of three steps :

  1. Social Configuration
  2. Lead Source
  3. External Configuration

Lets start understand all three of them one by one

  1. Social Configuration : To post social content on your profile and on your pages, you first need to configure a app on your social account.
    To know how to configure an app on facebook just follow this link :
    All social sites provide their own documentation for creating an app
    After setting up app on your social account you are suppose to get app id and secret id of your app which is going to entered in this form 

    After inserting information just click save. To check if it's working or not you can click on action "login url", which will provide you a login link. If you get logged in then the process is done other wise you can always take our help anytime by mailing us at support@xavoc.com
  2. Lead Source : You need to enter your probable lead sources (example: Personal, Tele-Marketing etc.)

  3. External Configuration : An application programming interface (API) defines the way software and programs interact. In ERP, APIs are invariably necessary to ensure that the ERP application interfaces effectively with other applications.
    Lead API is used to interact with outside environment and get data from outside the system.
    You are just required to enter external URL, and activate it.
You can always leave any of the above configuration untouched if it's of no use to you.

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