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Every one knows that trading transaction is going to between two sides, one will be business firm and another will be supplier for firm. By using this section can be easily maintain the records of supplier i.e. name, address & phone no etc.

Click on Commerce > Supplier Menu :
You will get page :

You will be redirected on page :
Enter general information regarding supplier, it's address, contact info.

Insert rest of info.

Add Contact's Email Detail.

After addition of email record, i.e. :

Add Contact's Phone Detail.

After addition of phone record, i. e.

Add Instant Messaging Contact's Details (like Whats app, Skype etc.)

Add Contact's Event Detail.

Add Contact's Relation Detail.

After inserted info of event, relation & instant messaging record, i..e. :

Fill its basic detail for section 1.

After filling info in section 1.

In section 2 you can view supplier related purchase orders.

In section 3 you can view supplier related purchase invoices.

In section 4 you can view supplier related activities. For ex :  sending and receiving of document mail communications.

We got supplier record, i.e. :

After successfully insertion of Supplier's record, Now you have to further move to 'Create a new Quotation' .

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