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Marketing Tools

For promote your business online using digital marketing, you can use this section's tools .

In marketing section only one tool is available i.e. : Subscription

Subscribe Tool Option : -
These options are used to set info for subscribe form.
Ask Name : Please select true to display name field in subscribe form
Send Thank You Mail : Please select true to send a thank you mail to person after successfully subscription.
On Success : It have two option one is "Same Page" and another is "Redirect Page". After subscription user will be redirected to same page or to another page. 
Success Page : If you have selected Redirect Page in On Success option then please mention name of success page for redirect on that page.  
Button Caption : Set caption name for subscribe us form.
Show as Pop Up : Please select true to show subscribe us form as Pop-Up window at home page of your website.
Category : Please select category to divide the person details according category name. If any person subscribing first time then its become lead for your business & after subscription you can view the record of lead in marketing application. To view record in Epan (ERP) click on Marketing >> Lead

After use of marketing section panel  now further move to use commerce section tools.

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