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Email Settings

You have to click the Side bar menu & select the General Setting :
You get the page :  

Here you have multiple tabs. Now click on "Email Setting" tab : 
This tab lets you manage your Emails that your ERP can deal with. You must configure all emails here, Which post can see and send emails from which Email id is defined in 'Posts' of HR.

After clicking on Add Communication Email Setting you will be redirected on page :

Feed proper information in every section.
1. Basic Connection Section :  

This section defined the Email sending abilities. For most common emails we have given a sample form filled below this image. Replacing your email id and password would work in most cases. But if not ask your webmaster to provide the following details.

Lets understand every field

Email Transport: Epan can support many transports but as of this version only SMTP is fully tested. So, you are guided to select SMPT here, as most servers do support SMTP.
Name: Any name for this Email id so you can identify this email, If confused type your complete email that you are configuring like info@yourdomain.com

is Support Email:When ticking this, any email received on this email will create a ticket. Only existing customers can create ticket so if any one sends email on this email that is not customer, system will reject their email. For general emails like 'info' etc keep if off.

is Active: Only Active email settings are shown everywhere and deactivated emails are even not fetched from servers.

Connection settings:

This is actual connection setting and information regarding this is provided by your web master or hosting provider.

and the name of field it self is sufficient what to fill here, if confused or uncertain, just send these field name to your webmaster or hosting provider, they will reply you with proper information. If you have any web panel like cpanel, there are pages where you can find the information, google is your best friend here.

Here is one example form filled.

 2. From and Reply Section :

When an email is sent, some other information is also sent along like from where the email is and who send it actually on behalf of 'From' person. For simple configurations, 'From Email/Sender Email/Email Reply To' Should be simply your email id that you are configuring and 'From Name/Sender Name/Email Reply To Name' are the human redable anme that you want to be shown insead of Email id id required, Usually like 'XYZ Company Sales Department' for 'sales@xyzcompany.com'.

This sample filled can help you understand things better:

3. IMAP/POP3 Section :

While SMTP is to configure sending emails from system, IMAP/POP3 system is used to fetch emails from server.

If you are unsure about values, use the example below and replace your email and password with proper domainname. This below setting is for IMAP. These values are also provided by your webmaster or Hosting provider.

4. Thresholds Section :

Threshold only comes in effect when you use any email setting for mass email purpose or sending bulk emails like newsletter. These settings controls the blast and help you prevent your IP blocking in most cases. But it does not guarantee even if you abuse system with email blast without proper controlling.

Lets understand various fields here

SMTP Auto Re Connect: Sometimes server hates when you try to send bulk emails in a single connection and they may simply refuse to send further emails. You can ask your web master if this is the case. This number will disconnect SMTP connection after n emails sent (filled number here) and then it will reconnect. If unsure, there is no harm setting any number here but very small number will put extra load in disconnecting and connecting too frequently. But again remember, this only has effect if you are using mass email system. If no, you can just leave this section.

Email Threshold (Per Minute): No  of emails allowed to send from this email id. This comes handy when you have multiple email ids and you want them in rotation to send bulk emails. So when any email id has sent setted number of emails, system stops using this email id for further newsletters and picks next available one. If no email id is available next, system simply waits.

Email Threshold (Per Month): This puts check on monthly emails send. This comes handy when you are using a number of free emails provided by various vendors who provides free emails on monthly basis.

Email BCC: This is not used in this version, so you can leave it as it is.

Use for Mass Mailing: If on, this email will be used for mass emailing. Be very sure about using any email in mass email as this can result in your email id got black listed.

Example filled form below

5. Managing Bounce Emails Section :

When you send any email and it is bounced, it can be collected here and then system will mark those emails as invalid and will not send them newsletters latter on. This helps keeping system clean.

Usually we suggest to create a separate email to collect bounce like bounce@yourdomain.com and you have to provide IMAP setting here for that bounce email id.

Example bounce email setting

6. Auto Reply Mail Content Section :

This section let you write content for reply email. NOTE: If you have make this email support this reply system will not work, There is different configuration for support emails in Support Menu for same.

Below this Auto reply section, you can create signature of this email id. this signature is added on every outgoing email from this account regardless of who is sending ( As multiple posts and multiple employees can have permission for any email id).

After successfully configuration of email setting, record here i..e :

After successfully configuration of Email Settings, now you have further move to configure the SMS Settings.

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