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Items [Basic Detail Section 1]

1. Basic Detail Section :

______________________Detail Section :___________________________
Name : Product  / Item Name.
Code : Product / Item Code.
Status : Product's Status. If it is 'Published' then it will be displayed on E-Commerce Web.
Date : Expiry Date.
Description : Some description about product.
Is Template : If product is type of template. For e.g. : In printing industry some product can be type of template.
Is Designable : If product is type of designable . For e.g. : In printing industry some product can be type of designable.
Template : Select template from available list.
Designer : Select designer from available list.
To Customer :
___ Item Type- _____

Is Saleable : Please tick it for make this product saleable.
Is Purchasable : Please tick it for make this product pruchaseable.
Is Production-able : Please tick it for make this production able type.
Is Allow-upload able : Please tick it for make it allow upload able. It is used on e-commerce web, means new design can be uploaded by online user for this item.
Is Package : Please tick it for make this product package. Package is a Combination of 2-n no. of products. Like Package Combo (2 no. of pens, 3 no. of pencils)

_______Renewable Item________

Is Renewable : Please tick if this item is renewable type.
Remind To : Please select to remind its renewable date to 'Customer' or 'Company'.
Value : Mention value according days or month.
Unit : Please select unit in terms of 'Days' or 'Month'.

_______Item Stock Info_______

Maintain Inventory : Please tick for maintain inventory of this product.
Allow Negative Stock : Please tick, want to maintain negative stock.
Is Dispatch-able : Please tick if it will be dispatched after

_______Website Display_________

--Item Display Option--

These options for displaying product info on e-commerce web.
Show Detail : Please tick for displaying detail of item.
Show Price : Please tick for displaying price of item.
Is Visible Sold : Please tick for displaying item for sale.

--Marked Option--

New : Please tick if product new.
Featured : Please tick if product featured
Most Viewed : Please tick if product is mostly viewed by the customer.
Display Sequence : Mention display sequence for this item.

--Enquiry Option--

Is Enquiry Allow : Please tick, for allowing to user enquiry for particular product.
Enquiry Send To Admin : Please tick for set the config to send enquiry to company's mail.
Item Enquiry Auto Reply : Please tick. if eqnuiry auto reply mail to done with customer.

--Item Comment Option--

Is Comment Allow : Please tick for allowing comment on item. 
Comment : Please select comment type.

--Item Other Option--

Add Custom Button : Please tick for add custom button.
Custom Button Label : Define label of custom button.
Custom Button URL : Define URL for custom button.

Terms & Condition : Mention terms & condition.
Upload File Labels : Define upload file label.
Upload File Hint : Define hint.
Upload File Group : Define file group.

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