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Employee module allows you to add new employee and its details, view employee detail, deactivate employee, and much more.

To add a new employee :

Enter general information regarding employee, it's address, contact info, define permitted dashboard, add any remark if you want and click on "Add" button.

Note : If you want to add info for more than one employee instantly then please check option "Want To Add Next Employee". If you checked this option then this page reload and you can fill info for next employee otherwise you will redirected on this page :

On this page, you can add other info of an employee, like "IM numbers, event info, official detail" etc. 

 - IM Numbers : Add Instant Messaging Details (like Whats app, Skype etc.)

- Event Info : Add Event Detail. (like DOB & Anniversary etc.)

 - Relation Info : Add Employee's Relation Detail.

After addition of "Basic Details" of an employee, you can update other info too. Here five section to view details : 
 - Section 1 : Portfolio
 - Section 2 : Official
 - Section 3 : Activity
 - Section 4 : Documents
 - Section 5 : Salary Ledger

Details For Section 1 : 

You can update employee's qualification & experience details too.

For add qualification details :

For add Experience details :

After successfully inserted info :

Details For Section 2 : 

For update employee's official basic detail :

Here you can update employee's joining date. contract date or in time & out time etc.

For update employee's salary detail :
First to you have to remember that you have already associate salary template with the "Post : Account Manger", other than you can update here salary detail too for a particular employee.

For update employee's leave detail :
First to you have to remember that you have already associate leave template with the "Post : Account Manger", other than you can update here leave detail too for a particular employee.

In Section 3 : 
Here you can list of activities done by an employee.

In Section 4 :
Here you can manage Documents detail by uploading attachment.

Actions And Their significant :
On almost every grid in epan, you will see Status (Active/InActive etc.) and action dropdown. 
In employee there are three kinds of actions :

  1. Deactivate/Activate : To activate or deactivate employee.
    Note : When you deactivate employee then its "User Id" automatically deactivated.
  2. Communication : To see previous communication or to add new communication with employee.

After successfully addition record of an Employee, Now you have to further move to 'manage Employee's Attendance'. 

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