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This is the place where you define your companies departments. When you create an epan (www.epanname.epan.in) a default department, post is created to which a employee is assigned which is of superuser (one who has all the privileges) type, we will discuss about it in user section

To add a department :

After clicking on "Add Department Button", you will have to fill.
Details For Department :

Name of Department : Your departments name.
Production Level Of Department : This comes useful in production application. Jobcards are forwarded from one department to other and the sequence in which they are forwarded is depended upon production level of department.
Is Outsourced : If the work done in this department is outsourced by your company then mark it checked. Example : In an cell phone manufacturing firm, assembling of parts is outsourced.
Simultaneous No. Process Allowed : This comes useful in production application. Job-cards are processed by production department to complete an order. So if you want to allow to proceed more than one process to be done simultaneously in one department for completion of order then you can define limit no, for allow processes simultaneously.

By clicking on 'post', you can see the information of posts associated with the particular department and similarly clicking on employee will display information regarding employees in that department.

Actions : There are two types of actions which can be performed via action dropdown :

  1. Activate : Activate department if current status is InActive.
  2. Deactivate : Deactivate department if current status is Active.

After successfully addition of Department, Now you have to further move to 'Add New Post' related to this department .

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