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xEpan Applications

xEpan is a modular, It is all made up of applications with dependencies. We are using composer for our dependency management. xEpan has a well defined structure to extend or create new industry specific Applications. 
Currently Epan Services are installed with following xEpan Applications :

  • Base Application : It is bare minimum, requirement for xEpan platform. It is responsible to load other applications and provide them concept of Contract & Documents.
  • Communication Application : This application is responsible for all communications. Currently only Email, but soon with SMS or IVR Calls.
  • HR Application : This application manages your companies department, posts, employees and ACL. We can manages employee's leave and payroll system also.
  • Commerce Application : Commerce manages all your sales, purchase and dispatch related works. It can manage offline Sales and online sale with all in one super easy system. 
  • Production Application : You got production house, and order pass from various departments. This application manages not only Job Cards and its processing but also allows you to manage your outsource works. 
  • Account Application : We have made this application in such a way that it is easy to use and understand for users with non accounting background. It is tightly integrated with commerce and produce final Balance Sheet and P&L without any efforts.
  • Marketing Application : If you own a business then you are well known about the fact the Digital Marketing is heart of any business. Our Marketing Application provides you power to manage leads, opportunities, designing newsletters/social/sms content, scheduling campaigns, Telemarketing.
  • Projects Application : Add project, select team, assign tasks, make followups and track live status of your employees work. This application introduces a much needed element of transparency in business. 
  • CRM Application : Engaging with customer or solving customer problem at right time is possible with this application. Our system generate support ticket on arrival customers mail on support and maintains a log of conversation between both parties.
  • CMS Application : CMS application comes with using which front-end website can be easily managed from back-end like drag and drop. Templates and Pages can be added from back-end. Overriding default templates of pages and tools is also possible.

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