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Configurations are necessary for working in account application.
For eg : To doing any accounting transaction, you can select any currency. But if you don't select any currency. it takes default currency which is configured in the currency block.

Follow this guide to configure basic requirements for commerce application

1. For Currency :
Please select currency from available list of currencies those added in "Currency Management". 

After updation of currency in account configuration.

2. Custom Accounts Entry :
For Create Custom Accounts Entry. You have to follow a procedure, in this procedure you have to first add Entry Template Detail, then its template related custom entry template transaction, then its transaction related entry template transaction row.

Details :

Name : To identify what type of transaction.
Detail : Its template description.
Code : To uniquely identify this entry template.
Is Favorite Menu Lister : In accounts there are many type of entries to doing accounting transaction. So, if this transaction is commonly used to update account then please tick this option. This transaction is automatically added in Favorite Menu Lister.

After addition of Entry Template record, you have to enter its transaction detail record.

 - Template Transaction

Details :

Name : You can add multiple transaction in one entry template. So mention name to identify to particular transaction. 
Type : Type of transaction. i.e. It can be "Cash Paid, Cash Received" etc.

After addition of Entry Template Transaction record, you have to enter its transaction row detail record.

Details For Transaction Row :

Code : For identify in transaction uniquely.
Title : For identify what type of transaction row it is.
Side : In accounts amount will be written in two side one of them is "Dr." of another is "Cr.", so please select one side for this particular row.
Group : Select group name from available list of groups. If you don't want to need select group from list, then you can create your own group by just type here of group name which you want to keep name of group.
Ledger : Select ledger name from available list of ledgers. If you don't want to need select ledger from list, then you can create your own ledger by just type here of ledger name which you want to keep name of ledger.
Balance Sheet (For New Groups) : If you creating new Group then you have to select Balance Sheet Head.
Parent Group (For New Groups) : If you creating new Group & you are not selecting balance sheet head then you have to select Parent Group.
Ledger Type (For New Ledger) : If you creating new Ledger & then you have to mention its type.
Ledger Changable : Please tick if ledger is changable. Its mean for this transaction ledger is not fixed it can be change as per requirement. 
Allow Add Ledger : Please tick if new ledger can be added under the above selected "Groups" during accounting transaction using this template
Include Currency : If currency type effect this transaction. then please tick this option.  

After insertion of First Row, record here i.e. :

You have added one "Transaction Row" record for "Dr." side. Now add record for "Cr." side.

After successfully addition of record for both side, i.e. :

After addition you can export this record too, by follow simple steps.

After clicking you get window, i.e. :

You can copy these text & import this information by just paste it in import window.
After successfully export data, for importing this information click on "Import"

After clicked on Import, you will get window i.e. :
On this window paste here copied data which is copied from "Export" window. 

After successfully importing data you got success message here.

You get record. i.e. :

3. For Financial Year :
Please select financial year starting month from available list of months. 
Note : If you select "April" month as a Starting month then automatically "March" month setted as a Ending month of financial year.

After updation of Financial year in configuration.

After successfully configuration of accounts application, you can use account application.

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