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Stock Item

Every organization / business firm merchandising around to any product. i.e. website/software for an IT company, tool parts for a car manufacturer company or fiber, fabric or dyes for any textile industry. So it can be easy to get current stock report of related products via this section.

Click on Commerce > Stock Item Menu :
You will get page :
Remaining Part of this section :

Name With Detail : Product/ Item Name

Opening : In what quantity Current Opening stock is available for particular Product/ Item

Purchase : Available total Purchased Stock of particular Product/Item.

Purchase Return : Available total Purchased Return Stock of particular Product/Item.

Consumption Booked : It shows total Stock which is booked In advance for consumption of particular Product/Item in production.

Consumed : Total Consumed Stock of particular Product/Item.

Received : Total Received Stock of particular Product/Item.

Adjustment Add/Removed : Total Adjustment (add/removed) of particular Product/Item. For e.g. : In Glass Industry few glasses are broken in traveling or few glasses are used by staff so this is call Adjustment.

Movement In/Out : Total IN/Out of particular Product/Item from one warehouse to other.

Sales Return : Total Sales Return of particular Product/Item.

Shipped : In what quantity particular Product/Item shipped.

Delivered : In what quantity particular Product/Item delivered.

Package Created/Opened : Total created package (combination of 2-n no. of products) quantity and total opened package quantity using this particular Product/Item.

Consumed In Package : In what quantity this product consumed in package.

Release From Package : In what quantity this product release in package.

Net Stock : Available Total Stock of Particular Product/Item.

Qty Unit : Available quantity unit of this Product/Item. Quantity unit can be in pieces, numbers, grams etc.

After successfully check stock item, Now you have to further move to 'Dispatch Request/Item' .

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