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NewsLetter Marketing


A newsletter is a cost-effective medium for building relationships and maintaining regular contact with customers and prospects.
You can create a newsletter by clicking on "Add Newsletter" button, and selecting any template 

Name : Name of the newsletter (just to uniquely identify the newsletter)
Subject : Subject will be send in the email as email subject
Description : The body of the newsletter

To increase the size of the text box just click on the text box and press ctrl+shift+f 

To make a newsletters from scratch you must basic knowledge about HTML or you can just use one of our pre added templates. You can find our pre added templates by clicking on "Insert >> Insert Template" just choose one and get started. 
Documentation of the HTML editor can be seen here : https://www.tinymce.com/docs/

After you have added an newsletter, they can be seen on the grid and can be edited from there by clicking on edit button.
NOTE : if you have provided link of your front-end  website which is in epans subdomain (Example : www.something.epan.in), then you can trace back how many visits you get out of a particular newsletter and who visited. 

Newsletter Actions :
Initial status of newsletter is Draft and it gets changed depending upon actions.

  1. Submit : Submit newsletter to approval
  2. Test : Test newsletter if its fit to sent or submit. You just have to select from email address and to email address.
  3. Approve : Approve the newsletter (only approved newsletters are scheduled and sent)
  4. Schedule : Directly schedule newsletter into campaign

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