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To succeed in today's competitive market, sales opportunity management is vital for any business. Epan offers easy management of your sales opportunities. Let's see how

Adding new opportunity :

Lead : Enter leads name whose opportunity you are creating
Assign To : Select employee to whom you want to assign lead
opportunity Title : Any title you want to give to opportunity
Opportunity: Description of opportunity
Fund Alloted : Initial fund proposed for the deal (can be changed later on)
Discount Percentage : Percentage of discount you are giving to opportunity, if any.
Approximate closing Date : Probable date of opportunity won/lost.

Opportunity Actions : when you add an opportunity, it's default status is Open, as you perform actions it's status changes from Open to Won\Lost.
Lets have a look at actions :

  1. Win : A successful sale 
  2. Quote : To send quotation to lead directly from here.
  3. Negotiate : Signifies that you are in negotiation stage with lead
  4. Lose : Opportunity lost
  5. Reassess : Reassess the fund, closing date, discount.
  6. Qualify : Signifies that the opportunity you created qualifies your standards

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