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This documentation covers Drag and Drop based CMS and its features. How to use xEpan CMS (Content Management System Application) to create / manage your website described here.

Features of CMS application :
You can create your own website like online e=commerce web, blog web etc.
You can manage your web digital content by your own.
Note : If you managing your own e-commerce web then you have to manage products, its specification, orders & invoices too. At admin panel  you can manage all these things, so to know about that how to manage click on  ERP Documentation .

You can click here and watch some old videos of xEPAN 1.0 to know how xEpan CMS system is used to design digital content for website.

Let to know how CMS system used to design in version of xEpan 2.0.

May be you know what is CMS but in technical term it is a software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content of any website.

In xEpan cms some tools are available based on erp's application like Cart tool based on commerce application, checkout tool available on commerce application etc.

Here an example of using tool option to create a website. For create your own website.

So please login on website to edit your website.
Note : Website editing is allowed to only CMS editors. For view the list of CMS editors, click on CMS (an application menu in backend (ERP).  ) >> CMS Editors .

After login you can view the list of tool panels. In Epan there are four kinds of tool panels :

  1. Basic : It is used to set basic contents for your website . For e.g. write a textual content on your web page you can use "Text Tool" of basic panel. 
    Basic tools are Container, Columns, Text, Image, User Panel, Custom Form, Location etc.
    For know how to used basic panel tools & available tools list click on Basic Tools.
  2. Marketing : In this digital marketing era you can use marketing tool for promote your business in the market. Marketing panel including Subscription tool.
    For know how to used marketing panel tools & available tools list click on Marketing Tools.
  3. Commerce : In this digital era you can promote your business online. And you can manage an e-commerce web for sale new product or services to customers.
    Commerce's panel tools are Item List, Item Detail, Item Image, Category, Category Detail etc.
    For know how to used commerce panel tools & available tools list click on Commerce Tools.
  4. Blog : For managing blog on your own website. Tool are available like post list, post detail etc.
    For know how to used blog panel tools & available tools list click on Blog.

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