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Basic module of Printing work flow

This section's tools help to operate e-commerce business.

For e.g.  You can display the product's list using Item-List Tool to sale online.

    Basic difference between Product Template and Item Template:

  • Product Template:- Product template is main layout of your products. It is not visible on website but show in admin/back-end. It helps to update all child item template. You have no requirement to create a single type of product again and again. It is not contain images but it is parent Item/Product of all Items/Products related to it. It is created from Admin/Backend side by anyone (have rights to use Admin e.g. owner, employee, designer..)
  • Item Template:- Item template is duplicate of product template. It is visible on website also. It may contain images and description on website. It is design by designers and customers/users. This design from both sides as front-end or back-end side.

  • Now we start to add or create Product template and Item template:
  • Create a Product Template:
    1. Login to Admin Panel.
      Enter into items through commerce menu.  Commerce -> Item

    2. Then add item.

    3. & create Item in Template

    4. Define all details of product template & Mark tick in the checkbox are mandatory :-


      Is TemplateOn (Tick)
      Is DesignableOn (Tick)
      • This product template is not visible on website.

    5. Define all specifications of product template
      Specifications In Attribute are mandatory: Height, Width, Trim

      Save all the details. Now your product template is ready.

  • Create Items (actual) based on product template:

    • Method 1 (From Backend )
      1. Use: Anyone (have rights to use admin) can assign item for design to designer
      2. Enter into items through commerce In Admin/Backend

      3. Then Click on add item

      4. & select Product Template then duplicate It.

        • Assign to designer (Designer can be your employee, customer)
        • Designer Option :- Write designer name in Designer
          Create as Child
          And then click on Duplicate. Now your Item Template is duplicate.

    • Method 2 (From Backend)
      • Enter into items through commerce In Admin/Backend.

      • Select Duplicate action from Item template which you want to duplicate.

      • Assign to designer (Designer can be your employee, customer) Designer Option :- Write designer name in Designer  And then click on Duplicate. Now your Item Template is duplicate

    • Method 3 (From Frontend, website, Designer Panel)
        • Login into your panel

        • Reload the page & Design is duplicated 
          Then click on Edit Template

        • & select your background Image, text & completed your design.

        • After that  go back to your account in panel & Click “send to approved”

    • Approval Process

        • Go to Backend / Admin :-
        • Enter into items through commerce.

        • Designer’s design is completed then Check party publish in Item Menu ( in side menu bar )

        • And edit in your design.
        • Mark tick in :- Is designable (ON)
        • To customer ( __ ) [ remove number & leave it blank]

        • [Tick] on website display
        • Item Display (On) :- option as show detail, show price,.. Then save. 

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