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Basics of Epan HTML Templates

Epan templates are awesome. They are just coded in client side languages only like HTML, css and/or Javascript. Even for Server side and Database related tools you don't need to know php or anythings else.

Templates in xepan are just another epans that are allowed to be copied and used as templates. So, if you don't want to design templates but just your own website from scratch, this section is for you too. But if mess things around (that is most likely in start), don't worry. You can revert to initial stable version from epan customer panel.

Basic template structure

Some points that will make things easier

  • Your website/template is completely in www folder
  • common portion of your website like header and footer are separated and stored in www/layout folder. Well this is also template for your website. and just not to get confuse we will call it layout for your website now.
  • You can have multiple layouts for your various pages.
  • Apart from your own css files mystyle.css from www folder is always inserted at last to easy override things later on.
  • You add certain classes to make things ready for Epan. 
  • Every unit entity in Epan is called Epan-Component like text, image, container or anything you want to drop, move or edit later on.
  • You can save one segment of your page as droppable component layout that you or your template users can use to drop anywhere they needs.
  • You can override default templates of any tool, even server side like E-Commerce product list tool or custom form tool.


Well these are just few points that is good to keep in mind before proceeding. In next section you will create your first template.

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