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Basic Tools

In any website for set basic layouts and contents. You can use this section tools.

In this panel seven tools are available to set the basic content & layouts.

  1. Container Tool : You can simply use this tool to put a container on web page by drag  & drop.
    For e.g. : 

  2. Column Tool : 

    You can use this tool to divide web content into multiple column & can set the property of columns using tool's option.  
    Container Tool Options : -
    Add Column : By default three column automatically created. But you can add three column by clicking on Add Column.
    And every column have property. These property includes column value in format of LG, MD, SM, XS.
    For set value of column based on screen size.
    LG (For Large Screens) -  If you choose col-lg, then the columns will become horizontal when the width (for screen of system i.e. computer or laptop) is >= 1200.
    MD (For Medium Screens) -  If you choose col-md, then the columns will become horizontal when the width (for screen of system i.e. computer or laptop) is >= 992.
    SM (For Small Screens) -  If you choose col-sm, then the columns will become horizontal when the width (for screen of system i.e. computer or laptop or tablet) is >= 768.
    XS (For Mobile Screens) -  If you choose col-xs, then the columns will adjusted based on mobile screens.

  3. Text Tool :
    For write any textual content you can use this tool. Here no any other options are given for this tool. But you can format the written text using text box's options available on the top bar.

    Border is settled as "red with dash" format in the basic property of container, output here i.e. :

  4. Image :
    For use any image to display on web page you can use this tool.
    Image Tool Option : -
    Image Select : For select or upload any image.
    Css Class : Add classes to modify image height or width.
    Link : For set any link to redirect to new page with image.
    For e.g. Three image tools dropped in three columns.

  5. User Panel :
    For login onto any website you have to login using user's credential. To set the user login form you can use this tool.

    User Panel Tool Option : -
    Layouts: Choose layout from available list. List included option of "Login, Forgot Password, New Registration, Verify Account, Verify Again".  
    -- Page Links --  
    Success Url : you can set url of page, after login you will be redirected on this page,
    Show Tnc : Select yes or no to show tnc (terms & condition) on new user registration form.
    Tnc Url : Set url or link o tnc (terms & condition) page.
    Logout Page : Set logout page name.
    Login Page : Set login page name.

    Micro Login :  Select yes or no to use this user panel tool as micro login tool.
    Choose yes to show the login link as a text. This text used to redirect the users on login page.  

    For e.g. : Micro Login User Tool Panel for set login and logout links.

    For e.g. : User Panel Tool for set login or registration form.

  6. Location :
    This tool is used to get location of website users.

  7. Custom Form :
    For set enquiry form on your contact page of website. What is enquiry form & how it is useful for an orgnization?
     - When any one enquire about something or any one is  asking a question. That person can submit queries or question using a form that form can be called a enquiry form. In Epan Custom Form play role of enquiry form.

    Custom Tool Option : -

    Custom Form Name : Select any of one form to display on website.
    Custom Form Template : If you modifying in custom form template then mention template name.

    At back-end in Epan (ERP), how to manage Custom Form ?
    To manage custom form click CMS >> Custom Form at back-end Epan (ERP) : - 

    Detail for custom form :
    Email Setting : Please select any email setting to communicate with user after enquiry.
     - What is email setting & how it is configured to know please click on email setting.
    Name : Set a name to identify form.
    Submit Button Name : Mention a name for submit button.
    Form Layout : You can set layout of custom form. Available form layouts are stacked, minimal. horizontal & empty.
    Custom Form Layout Path : You can set layout path of form also, if you modified layout of existing form's view.
    Receive E-Mail : After enquiry for receive an email including question & queries , you have to tick this option.
    Recipient Email : Mention recipient email to receiving of enquiry-mail.
    Auto Reply : Please tick for send a reply email (like thank you email) after received of an enquiry email.
    Email Subject : Set subject's content  for thank you email.
    Message Body : Set message content.

    After addition of custom form basic details, clcik on "Fields" to add its field details.

    Details of Custom Form Field :
    Name : Field name like name, email, contact no etc. 
    Type : Select type of filed. It can be of type "Number or Email or Line or Text or Password or Radio or Check-Box or Drop-down or Date-Picker or Upload or Time-Picker or Captcha". 
    Is Mandatory : Please make it mandatory, it means this info become mandatory to feed in form.
    Hint : Set hint for field.

    Fields record. here. i.e . :

    Note : If you selecting "Email" type of field then you get one extra field i.e. "Auto Reply". Please tick if auto reply mail is necessary for send to that particular email. 

In this basic section panel of tools, you know that how to use this panel's tools. Now further move to use marketing section tools

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