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Items [Production Phase Section 6]

6. Production Section : 

For associate production department with this item.

. After association of production department, define it's consumption details for particular production department.

Can Redefine Qty : Please tick, if this item's quantity can be redefine for consumption in particular production department based on order's item requirement during production processing.
Can Redefine Item : Please tick, if it's consumption item can be redefine during production processing for this particular production department. 
For ex : Above we here added an item, i.e. : Cotton. It will be consumed 50 kg for produce this item i.e. : Formal Shirt.
But if it is not fixed that how much quantity will be consumed for that particular item it can be increased on decreased. Then please select "Can Redefine Qty".

After successfully updation of info in Section 6. Click on Section 7 to insert rest of information. 

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