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Epan provides the facility to store the files & documents in Epan Drive.

Epan Drive is a personal cloud storage service for every epan user in Epan which provide facility to store and synchronize digital content across computers devices using Epan

As one might expect, Epan Drive additionally provides advanced search capabilities for finding specific information within files, and users can also share and collaborate with others on documents via the service's built-in access to the Epan Docs suite of editing tools.

You have to click on Document on side bar menu :

You will redirected on the page

Here you can view that in-built tools provides the facility of upload files &  creating new folder or text file.

After successfully creation of any file & folder, you can share it too.

For sharing the file or folder click on share, you will be redirected on page :

Feed proper info to share the file or folder with permission for "Edit, Delete & Share".

Details :

Shared Type : you can select type to share it globally or to specific person or to specific department.
Three types of sharing :

Global : For share this file or folder to globally with in your company, it means this file or folder can be viewed by every epan user (employee) of your company.   
Person : For share this file or folder to a specific person. It means this file or folder can be viewed by that particular epan user (employee).
Department : For share this file or folder to a specific department. It means this file or folder can be viewed by all employee of related to that particular department.

Can Edit : For allow permission to edit file.
Can Delete : For allow permission to delete file or folder.
Can Share : For allow permission to share the file of folder further to any department or person.

A file editing mode view :

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