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xEpan has a strong CMS with drag and drop as its base. It's modular and extensible. It is also very easy to create templates for xepan for either your own use or to sell it on our marketplace. 

Epan Templates are not complex, they are very easy and simple HTML templates that are converted to be Drag and drop ready for Epan by applying just a few classes. This section covers Tutorials, How too, and best practices for Epan Template development.

Epan Template system terms

  • Epan Template: Collection of HTML pages, CSS, js, images etc that makes a complete website. This template is used when you create your new Epan website
  • Page Template: Every website has multiple pages but every page has some portion common in all or most of pages like the header with menus or footer. This portion of a website is called Page Template. Don't get confused Page Templates with Epan Templates.
  • Epan Component: Every entity that is selectable, movable or configurable is Epan Component like Text, columns, Image, Video, Google Map etc
  • Layout: Pre made arrangement of various Epan Components to save your time are called Layout.

Epan Website folder structure

With each website you have your two own folders in access 'assets' and 'www'

  • www: This folder contains your website, it's as simple as any HTML website. This folder may contains other folders like images/img/CSS/js. There is no pre fixed way or format that you should follow. it can be anything that suits your way. The only requirement of Epan is the following folders.
    • www/layout: This folder under www contains Page Templates. Page Template contains common portions of your web pages like header, menu, and footers.
  • Assets: This folder is used to keep files that must be kept safe when switching between themes. When you change Epan Template, www folder gets replaced but not this one. This way you can put your files that must be saved in this folder.

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