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You have already configured "Email Setting". After configured of settings you can use that email to send & receive emails. 

May be you already know what is email (electronic mail) but in technical term it is exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication. Any one can send text, video, audio or image via email.

Using of email services your business have some advantages, i.e. :
1. It can be used for intra - company communications, marketing purposes and coordinating with business partners, suppliers and customers.
2. Some common advantages of this email (registered on epan) over traditional mail or telephone communications are cost reductions, lower overhead and speed. Here our email service is available for every size business, allowing for customized business and employee interactions.

Now use the email services you have to click on "Emails" (available at side bar menu).

You can compose email also clicking on "Compose email", after clicking you will get window :

Fill required info for send a mail.

From Email : Here you can select an email from list of emails whose are associated with your post (you have already associate emails in HR application with each post).
To : Recipient Email.
Cc : You can sent the email with full details including other recipient emails too to any one.
Bcc : You can sent the email with details excluding info of other recipient emails to any one.
Email Subject : Subject for email.
Email Body : Description about your email.
Attachment : You can send attachment too.

After filling info :

You can save it as a draft or can send it too. 

Here is sent email's list in "Sent" box :

You can see the details of sent emails. i.e. :

Note : Emails list can be filtered on the basis of emails also. On emails page all emails listed on side bar.

And you can select that particular email to filter the list of emails.

Now you have know about how to use Emails in Epan, just like you can use the Messages too.

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