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ACL (Access Control List)

ACL modules allow you to manage access rights & permission to use for a specific object like file & directory or module of any application in Epan.

 - What is ACL(Access Control List) ?
It is a table record that tells a computer or operating system or software application which access rights each user has to a particular system object, such as a file directory or module of software.
Each object has a security attribute that identifies its access control list.
The list has an entry for each system user with access privileges. The most common privileges include the ability to read, write, edit to any object ( it can be any document or contact records for a software application).

In Epan there are three level for each access control :
 - Self Only : For allow access rights to view, add or updation of any record which is created by self. 
 - All : For allow access rights to view, add or updation of any record which is created by any of one (for eg : invoice record created by Employee 1 & Employee 2 can viewed or modified that invoice record too).
 - None : For remove permission & don't give any access rights to view, add or updation of any record.

How to use ACL (Access Control List) HR > ACL (Access Control List) follow three steps :
First : Login using user_id "adamsmith@xyz.com" (user id of that employee which you already created using Employee section).

After login click on HR > Affiliate
And you will be redirected on page :

On this page you can see that no "Add button" is viewing of affiliate & no record is displaying of affiliate here. But you have added a record of affiliate in before. 

Second : Logout & now login using of super user id.

For ACL (Access Control List) management, you have to click HR > ACL (Access Control List) :
And you will be redirected on a page :

Here you have to select Post of Employee & Object (module name of epan) & click on "Go" :
Note : When you permit this post to access particular module, its mean all employees can access that module whose related to this post.

Here you can see that in each control of list, you have three type access control level which we have already discussed above.

Third : Re - login using user id "adamsmith@xyz.com".

And you will found that on page of affiliate there will be "Add Button" is viewing. Here you can see that access rights given to this post for "Edit" but not "Delete". 

So simply here following these three steps you have managed ACL to permit each employee using different-different module of application.

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