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Items [Qty&Price Section 3]

3. Qty & Price Section

3.1 Basic Price : 
In a Basic Price tab.

Sales Price : Sales price of item according market.
Original Price : Original price of item (including cost and other expenses).
Min Order Quantity : Set minimum order quantity for Online Customers.
Max Order Quantity : Set maximum order quantity for Online Customers.
Quantity Unit : Mention quantity unit, like 'kg, pcs, unit'. etc.
Qty From Set Only : Please tick this, for define quantity form available sets of quantity.
Weight : If its unit will be 'kg' , then mention its weight.
Quantity Group : Mention quantity group.
After filling details Click > Save to save info.

3.2 Rate Chart :

Here two option to set the rate chart .

First : If you have an CSV File of rate chart you can upload it.
Second Option : Or you can manually add its record.

Details :

Name : Mention name to identify qty rate offer.
Qty : Mention quantity for particular item to be necessary to purchased.
Unit Old Price : Mention unit old price.
Unit Price : Mention unit price.
Is Default : Please tick, to make it as a default.

After successfully addition, you get record, i. e.

After addition of quantity set, you have to add it's condition.

Custom Field Value : Please select custom field , if it will be applied on choice of customer based on specification.

Rate chart record with its condition, i. e. :

3.3 Shipping Association :


Shipping Rule : Select shipping rules from available list. 
Priority : Give priority to associate rule.

Shipping association record , i.e. : 

After successfully inserted record in Section 3. Click on Section 4 to insert rest of information.

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