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Reimbursement Management

Reimbursement management is also necessary for employee & company. This management is help to analyze office traveling & other expenses.

Reimbursement mean for an employee : 
It is a repayment for money employee have already spent. When an employee travel for work, employee get a reimbursement for his / her  work-related expenses, like hotel bills and plane tickets.

In Epan reimbursement could be manage by two way :
First : HR > Reimbursement Management
Second : My Menu > My HR > My Reimbursement

Using first way of manage reimbursement of an employee by HR department.
For reimbursement management, you have to click HR > Reimbursement Management :
And you will be redirected on a page :

Feed proper data info, click to add :

Record here, i.e. :

Now you have to add its detail.

Click on "Add Reimbursement Detail" & add records :

Record here, i.e. :

Actions And Their significant :
On almost every grid in epan, you will see Status (Active/InActive or Draft etc.) and action dropdown.
In reimbursement there many kinds of actions base on status :

  1. On Draft : 
    [ Submit ]
    Submit : Submit reimbursement for approval.
  2. On Submit :
    [ In Progress, Cancel, Redraft, Approve, Manage Attachments ]
    In progress : After submission of reimbursement details it can be in in-progress to checking procedure by hr department.
    Approve : After submission of reimbursement details it can be approved by using this action.
    Cancel : For cancel this reimbursement.
    Redraft : For redraft this reimbursement.
  3. On In Progress :
    [ Cancel, Approve, Manage Attachments ]
  4. On Canceled :
    [ Redraft, Manage Attachments ]
  5. On Approved :
    [ Manage Attachments ]
    Manage Attachments : You can manage attachments with reimbursement (like hotel bills, flight ticket etc.).

Using second way to submit reimbursement by an employee to HR department.
For submit reimbursement, you have to click HR > My HR > My Reimbursement :
And you will be redirected on a page :

Fill info to submit reimbursement with its proper detail :

Details of reimbursement :

After save you will got record, Now you have to submit reimbursement for approval by higher authority or HR department.

After approval, you can view your approved reimbursement list.

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