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Items [Attribute Section 2]

2. Attribute Section :

2.1 Specification : 
When you click on a Specification tab, You will get this page :

Specification : Please select specification list from available list.
Values : Mention value of specification.
Highlight It : Please tick, for highlight it on web.

After successfully addition of the value, you get record, i.e. :

2.2 Item Custom Field :
When you click on a Custom Field tab, You will get this page :

You will get this window :

Fill Details :

Import Default Value :  Please tick it to import default value of the selected custom field.
Custom Field Generic : Select a generic value from available list.
Department : Select department for providing related info about particular item's  custom field.
Status : Status of custom field.
Group : Mention group for categorize the custom field by group.
Order : Mention order no for arrange it sequentially in ascending or descending manner.
Can Effect Stock : Please tick it, if it will be effect stock.
Is Optional : Please tick if custom field is not necessary to categorize this particular item.

After successfully addition, you get record, i. e.

After addition of custom field, you have to add it's values.

Fill details :

Name : Name of value. for ex : In above example we added 'color' named custom field, so it can be 'Green','Red','Yellow'.
Status : Status of value.
Highlight It : Please tick this, for highlight it.

After successfully addition of this value, you will get the record, i. e. :

After addition of record , value is displaying with the record of custom field.

2.3 Item Filter :

You will get this window to fill details :

Custom Field Generic : Please select custom field for use it as a Filter.
Status : Status of Filter.

After successfully addition, you will get record i.e. :

After addition of Filters, you have to add it,s values :

Details For Filter Value :

Name : Name of Filter's Value.
Status : Status of Value.

After successfully addition, You will get record , i.e. :

Filter record with. value :

After successfully inserted record in Section 2. Click on Section 3 to insert rest of information.

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