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Dispatch Request / Item

Every production organization/ business firm after completion of customer ordered product production work they send dispatch request to warehouse. For e.g. : Sales Order no. 192, it’s production work is completed so it is shown in completed status. After completion send it to dispatch.
You can see this here :

Then you get that window :

Click on Commerce > Dispatch Request /Item Menu :
You will get page :

Actions And Their significant :
In dispatch request item there are few actions based on status :
     On ToReceived :
     [ Edit, Delete, Receive ]
     Receive : For receiving customer order dispatch request.
After received your order request this order send to dispatch department menu. You will redirected on page:

Actions And Their significant :
In dispatch order item there are few actions based on status :
     On Dispatch :
     [ Edit, Delete, Dispatch ]
     Dispatch : For dispatching customer order to shipping department menu.
When you click on dispatch option this will show a window :

After this process your order will display in under shipping menu.

Actions And Their significant :
In under shipping there are few actions based on status :
     On Shipped :
     [ Edit, Delete, Delivered ]
     Delivered : For delivered customer order from under shipping menu to delivered menu.
At final step delivered your order to customer. You can see final status of your order from delivered menu.
You will get page:

After successfully delivered the product, Now you have to further move to 'Bar Code List' .

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