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Now that you have made departments, its time to add post and associate it to departments of your company.

Details for Post :

Name : Name of the  post.
Department : Associate it with which department?
Parent Post : Parent post of this post. Example : Sales executive post will report to sales manager post.
In Time : In time for report to office by employees in this post
Out Time : Out time for leave office by employees in this post
Permission Level : Currently permission level is used only to decide which dashboard widgets are allowed to this post.
A dashboard can have many widgets (Analytical Graphs, Grids showing information). Each widget shows information based on permission level (information can be : "Individual, sibling or post level, departmental, global level"). It allows you to decide what information you want to show to the employee associated with this post.
Salary Template :   Select a salary template for all employees whose related to this post.
Leave Template : Select a leave template for all employees whose related to this post.

Actions : There are three types of actions which can be performed via action dropdown

  1. Activate : Activate post if current status is InActive.
  2. Deactivate : Deactivate Post if current status is Active.
  3. Associate Email : Associate Emails with this post so that employees associated with this post only have permission to view and send emails from Emails-id's associated to their post.

After successfully addition of Post, Now you have to further move to 'Add New Employees' whose related to this post .

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