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Projects And Tasks

New project can be made by clicking on  "Add Project" and filling required information.
On project grid, you can see the overview of projects (% completed, task status etc.)
Clicking on the project name will navigate to task list page.

On the very top of the page you can see your own progress and projects progress in total. When clicked on status, it shows employees with their task status (pending task, current task, hours elapsed etc.). "View all task/request" displays all the tasks of current project.
Below it is filter panel, which helps in filtering tasks depending on their starting date, deadline and priority.

Adding New Task :

Task Name : name of the task
Assign To : Employee to whom you want to assign this task
Priority : Priority of tasks. Tasks are shown on grid depending on their priority (Critical,High,Medium, Low )
Starting Date : starting date/time of task
Deadline : Deadline of task (If not filled, it will be similar to starting date)
Estimate time : Approximate completion time (can be left empty)
Description : Description of task
Recurring Task : If you want the task to periodically recur then you need to fill these information (there are many instances when you will want a task to recur, one being electricity/phone bill deposit which recurs monthly)
        Repeat Task => checked
        Time Gap => daily/weekly/fortnight/monthly/weekly ...
Reminder : If you want to get reminded before task is getting stared or is going to end. 
        Set Reminder => checked
        Remind Medium => SMS/Notification/Email (can select all three)
        Remind corresponding to => starting date or deadline
        Remind To => Can select multiple employees
        Remind Value => Any amount of numeric time (1/2/10 ...)
        Remind Unit => Any time unit (minutes/days ...)
        Example (10 minutes/ 1 Day)

Tasks panel is divided into three parts :

  1. Task Assigned To Me : All the task assigned to you either by you or by anyone else are shown here.
  2. Task Assigned By Me : Tasks assigned by you to other employees are shown here
  3. Task Waiting For Approval : Tasks submitted to you and submitted by you which are waiting for approval are shown here.
Actions performed on Tasks :
Play/Pause :
Just click on the play button to play the task you are currently on and press the stop button when you want a break or task is completed
Receive/Reject Task : Task assigned to you by other have to be received by you first. You can receive a task or reject it by commenting on it
Submit/mark complete : When a task is assigned to you by other and you have completed it, you can submit it for completion. The employee who assigned you the task will be marking it complete or reopening it with proper reason as a comment. 

Alternatively you can see all your tasks (Associated with project and generic) on mytasks page which can be opened form "MyMenu >> Tasks"

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