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Increase productivity of your sales team by epan's telemarketing application (For Inside Sales teams and sales by phone.)
On the left panel you can see all the leads, when you click on the receiver icon you will see leads communication log on the right side.
This is the same communication view you see on other epan applications, when inserting detail of conversation between you can your lead select Telemarketing in the dropdown, insert detail, set followup if you want and click on "add" and it's done.
If you want to create opportunity out of lead then you can directly click on opportunity button and opportunity view will open.

Note :   There are two buttons besides opportunity button. One is "+" and other is "-" 
If you think the talk just happened is positive then click on + button, if you think the talk was not that good, lead is not interested then just click on - button. 
This is important when you want to see who prioritized leads and want to communicate with them.

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